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Ute Accessories arrow BED X-TENDER
Slide'n'Lock Tie Down System

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The BED X-TENDER stylishly extends the cargo area of your mini, mid or full size ute or pick up. It allows the truck owner to carry extended loads (building materials, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s etc.) with the tailgate down. Flip the X-TENDER over, close the tailgate and the X-TENDER provides a secure storage space to keep cargo from sliding inside the bed. When removed, the X-TENDER can also be used as a bench for tail gate parties, etc.


The X-TENDER mounts into the bed of most utes and pick ups. A unique cam action holding device keeps it securely in place in either extended or storage position. Two latches attached to nylon straps fit into the existing tailgate locks for a secure fit. With a locked tailgate, the X-TENDER is theft secured. It’s made from super sturdy but lightweight 6063 Alcoa Alcalyte aluminium so the total weight of the X-TENDER is only 4.3 kg.


That’s the easy part! There are 2 models available to fit most utes and pick ups, mini, mid and full size. Each X-TENDER is adjustable for a perfect fit. An adjustable bolt-on mounting kit makes for easy installation.